Writer's Block: Doctor Who?

26-year-old actor Matt Smith was anointed as the eleventh Doctor Who this week. If you were in charge of casting, who would you cast as your ideal Doctor and why?

Frankly, if I had my choice of every actor out there to play the Doctor, and continuity wasn't an issue, along with the other usual logistical issues, I'd bring back Chris Eccleston. Having recently sat thru not one, but TWO marathon sessions of the first New Who series, I feel that his time as the Doc was WAAAY too short. His Doctor was a VERY different Doctor - whereas David Tennant's Doctor was the proverbial Nice Guy, in the end, he was STILL the major force in the series, where it seemed that 95% of the time, he's the one beating alien forces and outwitting the bad guys; with Eccleston's Doctor, the companions got just as much action as he did - a less direct Doctor. Don't get me wrong, The Ninth Doctor had his Crowning Moments of Awesome, but he tended to share them with his companions (Like Captain Jack fighting the Daleks with weapons he KNOWS are ineffective, and who could forget Rose the Bad Wolf?); most of the other Doctors tend to have all the Moments for themselves, with a companion OCCASIONALLY having one. Essentially, what I'm trying to say is, Eccleston's Doctor was much further from a God Mode Stu than most of the others...

...but that's me.

Three Memes

Okay, here are three memes I got from theorygirl  . One's on TV shows, another is a tag meme, and the third involved the alphabet.

First, the TV meme.

Bold any shows you've seen at least three episodes of and italicise any shows you're sure you've seen every episode of. Add three more of your own (if you can think of three that aren't already on the list).

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Okay, now for meme #2.

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Now, for the last one.

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Together Again

Together Again... Even If But For A Brief Moment

Okay, so it's only been 1 month, but I have a lot of ground to cover right now. First order of business is to break everything that I have to cover into categories: school-related, summer-related, love-related, and everything else.

First, school related. My classes for the semester finished well, and though I thought that I had given a solid performance on all of my finals, I was ready to accept the worst possibility - Two As, an A/B, a B, and a B/C (leaning towards lower grades for borderlines). But, as it turns out, I ended up with THREE As and two Bs! BOOYA! Take that, Physics classes! Now all I have to do is go to my History teacher and pick up my 20+ page paper on the history of antibiotics, and I can call this semester closed.

Second, summer related. This can be further subdivided: school vs. not-school. As much as I would LOVE to spend this summer dividing my time between working and goofing off, it's not to be. If I'm going to graduate next year, and head off to post-baccalaureate studies, I need to take these classes, of which there are 3: WWII - History; Technical Writing - English; Multivariate Calculus - Math. The bad news is that I will have to spend a buttload of time in the library studying for these classes until they're over. The good news is that said classes are all over by August, so I should be able to swing some time to come back out here (CT) for a week (or maybe even two.. ^_^) before the fall semester starts up.

Now for not-school related stuff. I'll be watching my parents house for two weeks in July (family going to UK for HS Band trip... lucky devils), as well as playing with the Lafayette Citizens Band on a few occasions (three such occasions being the season opening and closing concerts, plus a spot in the coveted July 4th gig... *grin*). What else? I'll keep working @ University Inn in order to make money. Although I am conflicted about staying... though I'm finally getting a chance to do what I've always dreamed of doing, plus a raise, most of the crew that I worked with since the beginning is leaving, and a few of my new coworkers aren't exactly proving very friendly (through no fault of mine... one hates me 'cause I yelled at him, but I only did so 'cause he was the first noob [< 3 months service] to have the misfortune of walking across my path).

Alright, now to love related. The Four Horsemen (my private nickname for my parents plus Alex & Kevin) decided that since I finished the semester so well, I should go get to see Joanna (aka theorygirl) for a few days before summer classes picked up (May 14th). So, here I am @ her home in CT. Unfortunately, it came @ the last minute, so she wasn't able to request off for work, so we've really only got a couple of days to spend together (aside from the nighttime). One day was yesterday, which we spent in fabulous NYC. We went to go see the musical Curtains (w/David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame) at the Hirschfeld Theater (named after the New Yorker cartoonist). It was pretty good - give it a little time, and it should win a few awards at the Tonys. We also went to a Japanese bookstore, where I picked up two CDs, as well as check out the New York Public Library (probably the most heavily secured library I've ever seen - I've seen Wal-Marts with less security). The other day will be Saturday, where Joanna will take me to Lake Compounce (the amusement park @ which she's worked for who know how many summers). Coincidentally, that's the day I leave - I'll arrive back in IN @ about midnight.

It's such a shame that we can only see each other every two or three months - granted, it's better than seeing each other only for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years, but it still lacks something. I'm actually glad that we'll be getting married in about a year - it means we'll no longer have to live on such an existence. But, even if it is only for a brief moment, I will cherish the time that I have here, at the side of the one I love. (FYI, my userpic is one of the anime couples I support... Yuunoha all the way!)

That's all for now. So, until next time, keep on following... as close you can.

Once in Action, Always in Action

Okay, so here I am, one week older. What's happened since last we met? Well, the semester @ Purdue is winding down (only two-and-a-half weeks of spring semester left), and as expected, things are absolutely crazy. I have a fifteen-page paper and a test due by the nineteenth, a lab final on the twenty-seventh, and tests the first four days of finals. Needless to say, Red Bull and the library are about to become THIS man's best friends until it's all over.

And even after that, it STILL won't be happily ever after. I have three courses to take over the course of May through August, plus take the MCAT (think SAT for medical school), and keep working @ University Inn (my job for 10 months and counting). But right now, I'm just worried about keeping my sanity amidst this storm of parental units going on a "DANGER! DANGER! WILL ROBINSON!" bent.

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Anyway, last time I promised more on my Spring Break Trip. Well, the first challenge was getting there - I left W.Lafayette @ about 6 in the evening, drove for about three hours until I ended up near Cincinnati (or was it Cleveland? I forget), stop for the night, get up the next morning for about 9 (I think) and then drive all day to reach Connecticut (in at 10 PM - was I ever glad to see theorygirl). Next day, we go to church, out to lunch with family (aunt & grandma come included), then back home to work for the rest of the day. As a side note, a piece of advice - NEVER work during Spring Break unless you HAVE to.

Monday was spent doing...something. I don't remember in particular. Tuesday we went to Mystic Aquarium and the shopping village right next door. Wednesday, however, was our big day. We went to Manhattan in NYC to go see a Broadway production - we wanted to see Curtains (with David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame) - but the remaining tickets weren't to our liking, so we saw the Drowsy Chaperone (good comedy). Thursday we went to go see La Mirage (the place our wedding is supposed to happen) and went out to a local Italian place for dinner.

I was supposed to leave on Friday, but a snowstorm prevented that, so I spent the day doing whatever, and then left on Saturday morning, arriving back in W.Lafayette early Sunday afternoon. And THAT was MY Spring Break.

Well, I have to be running now - I have to go get dinner and prepare for a long night.

Back At Long Last

Okay, so it's been a whole year since I posted here, but there's not really a much better time if I'm going to get back in the saddle. So, for all you listening, here we go. No doubt it'll come up in other postings, so here's the short version: I get home from Calvin to find my parents have started seeing this counselor who's supposed to put our family "back in order." They (husband and wife, Kevin & Alex) help me out by finding me my first REAL job (which I'll have held for one year, come June), and then promptly torpedo my plans by getting my parents to refuse to send me back to Calvin on their money. However, my parents are not stupid people, and agree to send me to Purdue (the local university of about 30,000 people) to finish my education. I spend a semester in transition, during which I : 1 - move in with my grandparents on the other side of town, 2 - leave my grandparents' house and move into my own apartment, and 3 - finally propose to my sweetheart of now 3+ years. I started my semester at Purdue about three months back, and now we're into the last few weeks of the semester - which means tests, finals, and projects & papers galore.

In other news, ever since I proposed to my girlfriend (midnight on New Year's Eve - how cliche/romantic is THAT?), their family has been going nonstop to try and plan our wedding. The following has already occurred: the date selection (8-8-08 -_-), the location selection, and... and... I forget (bugger). In fact, when I was there for Spring Break, we spend one morning touring the location. It's nice, but since it WAS still technically winter, it's not at its best quite yet. Anyway, we've got over a year to put this whole thing together - God, that seems so long.

Anyway, more on the Spring Break topic. I spent six glorious days in Connecticut, which were bookended by two days of travel (ROAD TRIP!). Joanna & I did a lot of stuff together - we even went to Manhattan in NYC! More on that day for another time.

In short, over the past year, my world has been turned upside down, thrown multiple curveballs, and been rocked like never before, and all of that is thanks to two very... unique... women. Till next time, keep on following... as close you can.

Back at last

So, after Spring Break, and a few weeks of procrastination, I'm finally back at it again. Needless to say, things have been far less than ideal around here. I've had three tests over the past two weeks, and now I'm set to have ANOTHER on Friday. Throw a major research paper and a quiz (both next week) on top of that, and you have one crazy schedule.

Furthermore, I currently have nada in the summer work / internship department. I'm starting to get worried...if I can't find SOMETHING to do over the summer, my chances of coming back to school are next to nil. The internship people, however, reassure me that out of the people who actually work at applying for work, over 90% manage to find a job; they also tell me that they'll keep posting internship until mid-June, and that many companies have barely started the selection process. Starting now? There's only a month or so left before most of the schools around here let out for the summer - that's cutting it awfully close...but I've resolved not to let my busy schedule and other assorted factors deter me from my goal. I will have work this summer!

On a lighter note, I got my Geology project back (the one due the day after Spring Break) and I got a GREAT grade on it - the highest in the class. Furthermore, after weeks of reruns and the constant irritation of American Idol, new House episodes have arrived! The past few episodes have been good - but until the last two there's been a distinct lack of comedic value - way too much drama. The previous ep, however, had House and Wilson (why is almost all the comedy this season centered around House/Wilson interaction) talking in code to keep Cuddy busy at the poker table so House could cure the patient. But the real comedic gold was in tonight's ep, or more specifically, the little two minute clinic scenes they toss in. A Chinese girl came in complaining that her mother needed birth control pills for some respiratory problem. Turns out the girl needed them, and I hope that I don't need to spell out why. Anyway, the laughs came when House told the mother - IN CHINESE - that her daughter was pregnant. Of course, the two women started arguing as House slipped out the door.

On another front tonight, Cameron was angry that Foreman published an article - one that she was also working on. Basically, she spent most of the ep harassing Foreman about him "stealing" her work and criticizing his medical judgment. Okay, problem number one: the article dealt with one of HOUSE'S cases, so they both were stealing. Second, okay, so what Foreman did wasn't exactly kosher, but that's no reason to question his medical judgment. One has nothing to do with the other. Third, she needs to stop whining about being treated unfairly and DO something - like Cuddy told her later in the ep. You got screwed? Okay, then get out there and take some names for yourself!

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And in closing, I'd like to report that I get two days off of classes next week for Academic Advising (^_^). As a further note to readers, I've shifted my fanfiction focus to Chrono Crusade - hopefully I'll write enough material one of these times to turn it into an actual story. Okay, so until next time, keep following - as close you can
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Pre-Spring Break Rush

*Sigh* Well, as expected from that which we call life, I'm busy as hell. First, I have a huge Geology project due on Friday, and I'm only about half done. Technically, it's due the Monday after I get back, but what idiot does school work over spring break? In other school related matters, I've managed to get all the paperwork needed for next year's housing all sorted out, so we're good to go there. That and the Anime Club are both on track - D.N.Angel's turning out to be a great choice.

However, I've not yet managed to secure an internship, so my parents will probably be bugging the hell out of me to go and look for work around Lafayette. And I would, except for two things. A: I've repeatedly informed them that no company looking for summer interns is going to be finished deciding so freaking early. B: The job market in Lafayette was tight the summer before I came to Calvin, and as far as I'm aware, that's not changed much in my absence. Therefore, I stand very little chance of getting a paying job. Why? 1: I have ZERO paid work experience that I can use; I've done my share of volunteer work, but nothing paid. 2: I won't be sticking around after summer is over; I'll be back here. These two factors are what stumped me last time in getting any job offers, except one.

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So, to recap, I won't be looking for work cause I don't know if I need to, the job market is bad, and I wanna be freaking lazy during Spring Break, alright? *Stops and count* Ok, that's three reasons, but you get my point.

In other news, my gift finally got to theorygirl's house in Connecticut, after much pulling of hair and unintelligible screaming at Barnes and Noble. Although, I am sorry to say to her that after the events of last night, and what looks to be the next two weeks, I HATE American Idol with a passion. FOREVER! Don't get me wrong, I think performing is as just a viable way of living as others, but how about they do it the old fashioned way? You know, the one where you actually have to work, where it's YOUR music, you dedication to the art, and your willingness to live off ramen noodles that gets you to the top, and not the way where all you have to do is get up, look pretty, and sing decently enough for an audience who cares more about the fact that they're there rather than how good the singer is? Oh, and add the fact that most of the music is non-original. Never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Simon; he's the only reason the people who win are actually half-way decent.

And in closing, I'm happy to report that I've binged on enough shoujo manga and anime to last me for the rest of the semester. Or the next time I think of Joanna. *Blinks* Crap. Well, see you later, and until next time, keep following - as close you can.
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So, after a month-long absence, I'm back. And to start off with good news, I got the results of my first geology test back. Straight A. I'm supposed to get the results of my first Organic Chem test back tomorrow - I spent a lot of time studying for it, and found it incredibly easy compared to other tests in the past, so I'm hoping that I can get a high B to low A. I got to see a new House over the weekend (stored on videotape), and one tonight, both great. The one on tape was about a supermodel - an interesting case, but the best part had nothing to do with it. House was having pain problems (*SPOILER* at the end, the pain is shown to be in House's head), so he decided to run an MRI on himself. Wilson helped out, and the two amused themselves by pretending that Wilson was God (via intercom). Completely hilarious - I couldn't stop laughing. Sadly, there won't be a new House for another three weeks. If American Idol has anything to do with this...
Right now, I'm busy trying to arrange for a summer internship anywhere that I can get one, and work out living arrangements for next year - I've got guys to go in with, but the paperwork still needs doing. Plus, the anniversary of... I don't what to call it other than the day my girlfriend and I started going out is in a couple weeks, so that's going to need some thought. Throw in a couple of projects, the Anime Club, and various other obstacles of everyday life, and you, my friend, come up with a very busy schedule. That and the fact that there's no time to go shopping, so I've taken to "borrowing" food from the dining halls to eat between meals. Ah, the wonders of college food: how can so much food taste so bad and be digested so quickly. Must be the preservatives.
And in other news, the absence of my girlfriend has turned me into one of those lovesick fools (a redundant phrase, IMO) who spends his free time sighing, having various daydreams, and hugging his pillows, rather than important things like... I don't know; you fill in the blank. Unfortunately, this is not the only side effect. I've actually gotten to enjoy shoujo manga - and I'm a guy. Just last weekend I bought four volumes of shoujo manga (Alice 19th) and rented the second half of a shoujo series I was watching on the side (St. Tail) in order to get ideas for writing fanfiction. Speaking of which, my D.N.Angel fanfic is currently being delayed due to lack of creative influence. Translation: I AM BEING A LAZY ASS. *Ahem* So, until next time, keep following - as close you can.
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Anything and Everything

Well, we're into the second week of classes here at Calvin, and things are going smoothly so far. My schedule's pretty easy, with only three classes - though each class has a lab attached to it. Mondays and Fridays I have classes from 9 until 12:30, so I have afternoons off. Tuesdays and Thursdays I get mornings off, starting classes at 11:30, and going until 4:30. Wednesday's the killer day for me. I start at nine with Structural Geology, followed by Historical Geology at 10:30, Organic Chemistry at 11:30, and my Organic Lab from 1:30 until 5.
We had our first Anime Club meeting last night, and it went pretty well - we got a half dozen to ten people to show up, and three or four new people. We're showing D.N.Angel this semester - a favorite of mine, if you can't tell by my default icon. On an official note, I'm busy trying to organize a time for A: the officers to meet so we can discuss B: an alternate showing for the club. People have been telling me that they'd love to come, but Monday night just doesn't work for them. In other non-work related news, I finally got to see a new House tonight. Between our apartment's busted TV, reruns, and American Idol nonsense, it's been at least three or four weeks. On the other hand, another new ep is scheduled for next Tuesday (^_^).
Well, if guess that's all for now. Anything interesting will have to wait. So, until next time, keep following - as close you can.
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Current Events

Wow. It's been a while. No matter - on to business. I've been busy over the past month with school (Calvin has an interim semester in January), planning the Anime Club's 24-hour showing (I'm the president), and looking for summer work (hoping to snag an internship somewhere). Calvin's spring semester starts tomorrow - and it's not going to be easy. I've got 3 science classes. Three! What's more, each has a lab attached to it, so my schedule is shot 3 out of 5 afternoons a week. In addition to that, I have to balance my classes with running the Anime Club and getting my butt into the Career Development Office to keep up the job search. In other news, I've finally beaten SOCOM for my PSP, but the games I want now aren't arriving until May! Furthermore, our apartment TV has broken, so no House (the Fox show w/Hugh Laurie) until it gets fixed. The icon says it all - I need a vacation, and the irony is that the semester hasn't started yet. If that wasn't enough, I'm finally starting to feel the separation between Joanna and myself - one tends to forget that they're in a long distance relationship when they're busy as hell. To sum up, living my life AIN'T EASY, PEOPLE! So, until next time, keep following - as close you can. (Returns to working)
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