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Back at last

So, after Spring Break, and a few weeks of procrastination, I'm finally back at it again. Needless to say, things have been far less than ideal around here. I've had three tests over the past two weeks, and now I'm set to have ANOTHER on Friday. Throw a major research paper and a quiz (both next week) on top of that, and you have one crazy schedule.

Furthermore, I currently have nada in the summer work / internship department. I'm starting to get worried...if I can't find SOMETHING to do over the summer, my chances of coming back to school are next to nil. The internship people, however, reassure me that out of the people who actually work at applying for work, over 90% manage to find a job; they also tell me that they'll keep posting internship until mid-June, and that many companies have barely started the selection process. Starting now? There's only a month or so left before most of the schools around here let out for the summer - that's cutting it awfully close...but I've resolved not to let my busy schedule and other assorted factors deter me from my goal. I will have work this summer!

On a lighter note, I got my Geology project back (the one due the day after Spring Break) and I got a GREAT grade on it - the highest in the class. Furthermore, after weeks of reruns and the constant irritation of American Idol, new House episodes have arrived! The past few episodes have been good - but until the last two there's been a distinct lack of comedic value - way too much drama. The previous ep, however, had House and Wilson (why is almost all the comedy this season centered around House/Wilson interaction) talking in code to keep Cuddy busy at the poker table so House could cure the patient. But the real comedic gold was in tonight's ep, or more specifically, the little two minute clinic scenes they toss in. A Chinese girl came in complaining that her mother needed birth control pills for some respiratory problem. Turns out the girl needed them, and I hope that I don't need to spell out why. Anyway, the laughs came when House told the mother - IN CHINESE - that her daughter was pregnant. Of course, the two women started arguing as House slipped out the door.

On another front tonight, Cameron was angry that Foreman published an article - one that she was also working on. Basically, she spent most of the ep harassing Foreman about him "stealing" her work and criticizing his medical judgment. Okay, problem number one: the article dealt with one of HOUSE'S cases, so they both were stealing. Second, okay, so what Foreman did wasn't exactly kosher, but that's no reason to question his medical judgment. One has nothing to do with the other. Third, she needs to stop whining about being treated unfairly and DO something - like Cuddy told her later in the ep. You got screwed? Okay, then get out there and take some names for yourself!

Cameron needs to stop being such a damn idealist. It's fairly obvious that she believes that people will do the right thing. Now, she's not far off, but the two words she's missing in her belief make all the difference in the world. People do want to do what's right - FOR THEM. A conversation the patient's girlfriend near the end of the ep proved it. The girlfriend donated part of her liver so she could stay in the relationship. Basically, she intends to use the donation as blackmail. Cameron argues that neither one of them will be happy, but the girlfriend fires right back with a "how do you know" type of line. She needs to grow up and see that House is right (which is one of the recurring themes in the series - in the end, House is ALWAYS right). People lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want, and that being an idealist only sets you up for disappointment after disappointment. If she doesn't understand that after this case, then I think she's an irredeemable fool.

And in closing, I'd like to report that I get two days off of classes next week for Academic Advising (^_^). As a further note to readers, I've shifted my fanfiction focus to Chrono Crusade - hopefully I'll write enough material one of these times to turn it into an actual story. Okay, so until next time, keep following - as close you can

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