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Wow. It's been a while. No matter - on to business. I've been busy over the past month with school (Calvin has an interim semester in January), planning the Anime Club's 24-hour showing (I'm the president), and looking for summer work (hoping to snag an internship somewhere). Calvin's spring semester starts tomorrow - and it's not going to be easy. I've got 3 science classes. Three! What's more, each has a lab attached to it, so my schedule is shot 3 out of 5 afternoons a week. In addition to that, I have to balance my classes with running the Anime Club and getting my butt into the Career Development Office to keep up the job search. In other news, I've finally beaten SOCOM for my PSP, but the games I want now aren't arriving until May! Furthermore, our apartment TV has broken, so no House (the Fox show w/Hugh Laurie) until it gets fixed. The icon says it all - I need a vacation, and the irony is that the semester hasn't started yet. If that wasn't enough, I'm finally starting to feel the separation between Joanna and myself - one tends to forget that they're in a long distance relationship when they're busy as hell. To sum up, living my life AIN'T EASY, PEOPLE! So, until next time, keep following - as close you can. (Returns to working)

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