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Together Again

Together Again... Even If But For A Brief Moment

Okay, so it's only been 1 month, but I have a lot of ground to cover right now. First order of business is to break everything that I have to cover into categories: school-related, summer-related, love-related, and everything else.

First, school related. My classes for the semester finished well, and though I thought that I had given a solid performance on all of my finals, I was ready to accept the worst possibility - Two As, an A/B, a B, and a B/C (leaning towards lower grades for borderlines). But, as it turns out, I ended up with THREE As and two Bs! BOOYA! Take that, Physics classes! Now all I have to do is go to my History teacher and pick up my 20+ page paper on the history of antibiotics, and I can call this semester closed.

Second, summer related. This can be further subdivided: school vs. not-school. As much as I would LOVE to spend this summer dividing my time between working and goofing off, it's not to be. If I'm going to graduate next year, and head off to post-baccalaureate studies, I need to take these classes, of which there are 3: WWII - History; Technical Writing - English; Multivariate Calculus - Math. The bad news is that I will have to spend a buttload of time in the library studying for these classes until they're over. The good news is that said classes are all over by August, so I should be able to swing some time to come back out here (CT) for a week (or maybe even two.. ^_^) before the fall semester starts up.

Now for not-school related stuff. I'll be watching my parents house for two weeks in July (family going to UK for HS Band trip... lucky devils), as well as playing with the Lafayette Citizens Band on a few occasions (three such occasions being the season opening and closing concerts, plus a spot in the coveted July 4th gig... *grin*). What else? I'll keep working @ University Inn in order to make money. Although I am conflicted about staying... though I'm finally getting a chance to do what I've always dreamed of doing, plus a raise, most of the crew that I worked with since the beginning is leaving, and a few of my new coworkers aren't exactly proving very friendly (through no fault of mine... one hates me 'cause I yelled at him, but I only did so 'cause he was the first noob [< 3 months service] to have the misfortune of walking across my path).

Alright, now to love related. The Four Horsemen (my private nickname for my parents plus Alex & Kevin) decided that since I finished the semester so well, I should go get to see Joanna (aka theorygirl) for a few days before summer classes picked up (May 14th). So, here I am @ her home in CT. Unfortunately, it came @ the last minute, so she wasn't able to request off for work, so we've really only got a couple of days to spend together (aside from the nighttime). One day was yesterday, which we spent in fabulous NYC. We went to go see the musical Curtains (w/David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame) at the Hirschfeld Theater (named after the New Yorker cartoonist). It was pretty good - give it a little time, and it should win a few awards at the Tonys. We also went to a Japanese bookstore, where I picked up two CDs, as well as check out the New York Public Library (probably the most heavily secured library I've ever seen - I've seen Wal-Marts with less security). The other day will be Saturday, where Joanna will take me to Lake Compounce (the amusement park @ which she's worked for who know how many summers). Coincidentally, that's the day I leave - I'll arrive back in IN @ about midnight.

It's such a shame that we can only see each other every two or three months - granted, it's better than seeing each other only for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years, but it still lacks something. I'm actually glad that we'll be getting married in about a year - it means we'll no longer have to live on such an existence. But, even if it is only for a brief moment, I will cherish the time that I have here, at the side of the one I love. (FYI, my userpic is one of the anime couples I support... Yuunoha all the way!)

That's all for now. So, until next time, keep on following... as close you can.

Once in Action, Always in Action

Okay, so here I am, one week older. What's happened since last we met? Well, the semester @ Purdue is winding down (only two-and-a-half weeks of spring semester left), and as expected, things are absolutely crazy. I have a fifteen-page paper and a test due by the nineteenth, a lab final on the twenty-seventh, and tests the first four days of finals. Needless to say, Red Bull and the library are about to become THIS man's best friends until it's all over.

And even after that, it STILL won't be happily ever after. I have three courses to take over the course of May through August, plus take the MCAT (think SAT for medical school), and keep working @ University Inn (my job for 10 months and counting). But right now, I'm just worried about keeping my sanity amidst this storm of parental units going on a "DANGER! DANGER! WILL ROBINSON!" bent.

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Anyway, last time I promised more on my Spring Break Trip. Well, the first challenge was getting there - I left W.Lafayette @ about 6 in the evening, drove for about three hours until I ended up near Cincinnati (or was it Cleveland? I forget), stop for the night, get up the next morning for about 9 (I think) and then drive all day to reach Connecticut (in at 10 PM - was I ever glad to see theorygirl). Next day, we go to church, out to lunch with family (aunt & grandma come included), then back home to work for the rest of the day. As a side note, a piece of advice - NEVER work during Spring Break unless you HAVE to.

Monday was spent doing...something. I don't remember in particular. Tuesday we went to Mystic Aquarium and the shopping village right next door. Wednesday, however, was our big day. We went to Manhattan in NYC to go see a Broadway production - we wanted to see Curtains (with David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame) - but the remaining tickets weren't to our liking, so we saw the Drowsy Chaperone (good comedy). Thursday we went to go see La Mirage (the place our wedding is supposed to happen) and went out to a local Italian place for dinner.

I was supposed to leave on Friday, but a snowstorm prevented that, so I spent the day doing whatever, and then left on Saturday morning, arriving back in W.Lafayette early Sunday afternoon. And THAT was MY Spring Break.

Well, I have to be running now - I have to go get dinner and prepare for a long night.